Yes, you should try to make a connection from your location just by locking onto one of our stations.  If it is not a strong enough connection, there is a device that can be installed to strengthen the wireless to your devices.  There is a $300 charge, $200 of which is a deposit that will be returned to you when you are finished.  

You can purchase time from three hours to three months.  The latter being the best deal. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Some video streaming devices do not know how to login into the service and you will have to setup your own internal network to get around this.  

In all Wifi, it is a very short range signal with consumer devices and you might want to look at placing a repeater onboard or using our better service.  

Your phone and computer’s wifi is designed to connect to an access point in the room or next, not great distances across the water.  This is why we use the repeaters.  Your phone and computer transmit at 30-40 milliwatts and the repeaters and access points transmit at 400 milliwatts.most likely your devices will see a strong signal but our device will see a very weak signal from you.  Causing the signal to be very slow and intermittent.

There is NO PHONE SUPPORT for Sausalito Wireless consumer service, ONLY email. Hence the inexpensive price and no contract.


For PAID technical support, call Unspoken Words at (415) 332-4810 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; limited weekend support is available, the cost is $125 per hour.

Business Class Service is $60 per month pre paid in six month blocks. Speeds run 60-70mbps down and 17mbps up.  Special design can get speeds up to 150mbps down and 25mbps up.

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