Can I access my e-mail that I receive through AOL or another service provider?

Yes. After you subscribe to Sausalito Wireless, just direct your browser to your service provider's web site as you do normally.

I would like to set up an e-mail account with Sausalito Wireless; can I read this e-mail from my computer at home or in the office?

Yes. You can access your USW e-mail account from any location with Internet access. E-mail accounts are an additional $20 / month for the first account, $5 for each additional address.

My houseboat already has DSL; why would I need wireless?

The Sausalito Wireless signal gives you Internet access from your deck or any other location in your floating home.

What equipment do I need?

In many cases newer equipment alone will suffice to connect to Sausalito Wireless from the cockpit of your boat. When you want to work below deck or out in the bay, in most cases a selection of the optional accessories will provide the flexibility you require.

What if I already have some of the equipment?

No problem; we can help you set up the other pieces you need to get a stronger and more reliable signal.

Can I install it myself?

First time installs are done by our own staff to ensure good connectivity.

What settings need to be changed to use Sausalito Wireless?

You can get internet connectivity by just locking onto one of our stations and enterning your access code.

Can I get wireless Internet access at other marinas?

Although we do not currently have roaming agreements with other marina hotspots, some of our equipment will allow you to access wireless networks wherever they are made available, in any part of the seafaring world.

How does a customer pay to use the service?

All payments are done through Pay Pal, which acts as a clearing house. During the subscription process, you submit your credit card information (Visa or Mastercard) on their secure web site. We never receive any information regarding your account or credit card information.

Can I leave the yacht harbour and still have a signal?

If leaving by boat, you can sail out into the bay halfway until Angel Island, and still have a signal strong enough to conduct even video streaming. Alternatively, leaving by car or foot, you can access Sausalito Wireless in various locations along Bridgeway.

Can I use my subscription on any computer?

The Sausalito Wireless subscription is assigned to your Macine Access Code (MAC) Address; if you want to change devices, the same access code is good for one other MAC Address.

Can I log in with two different computers at the same time?


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