UnSpoken Words is now offering wireless Internet access and products for your yacht, houseboat, or powerboat. Currently spanning the marinas and surrounding areas of the Sausalito Yacht Club through the Schoonmaker Yacht Harbor, you can get high-speed Internet access from the comforts of your own floating vessel. You can purchase time from three hours to three months.  The latter being the best deal. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time;

• 3 hours      $6

• 1 Day         $14

• 1 Week      $26

• 1 Month     $36

• 1 Quarter   $91  


All equipment in the network and at your site supports the latest wireless communication protocol, the 802.11 standard. You can use an Apple/Macintosh, Microsoft, or Unix computer as your device. 

Initially, your computer will need to have a wireless ethernet capability.

In most cases, modern laptops alone will suffice to connect to Sausalito Wireless from the cockpit of your boat. When you want to work below deck or out in the bay, in most cases a selection of the optional accessories will provide the flexibility you require.

Still not sure what you need? Give us a call; we'll come out and review your location and its adaptability to our wireless signal range, providing you with the most economical solution .

Signal Verification

Yes, you should try to make a connection from your location just by locking onto one of our stations.  If it is not a strong enough connection, there is a device that can be installed to strengthen the wireless to your devices.  There is a $300 charge, $200 of which is a deposit that will be returned to you when you are finished. 


Installation of the equipment is billed at $125/ hour.

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